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Published by the author, ISBN: 978 1 902368 25 2. Published: September 2008
Price: £20.00. Postage & packing: £2.50. 86 pages. A4.

For the first time, a complete and detailed history of the Paignton Zoo Railway, from its opening as a 12" gauge railway during the Second World War, through its conversion to 10¼" gauge with a brief spell of steam motive power and up to the present day. One of our most intensively worked 10¼" gauge railways, it now carries around 120,000 passengers each season. Included is a brief history of the zoo, and its founder, Herbert Whitley. Also covered is the zoo's wartime connection Chessington Zoo, which brought about the foundation of the railway. There is also a full history of each locomotive to have worked on the railway. 


KERR'S MINIATURE RAILWAY, SCOTLAND'S OLDEST SMALL-SCALE LINE, by Lawson Little. Published by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society, price £6.95. 48pp, 178 x 235mm format.

This is the once and for all history of Matthew Kerr's remarkable railway at Arbroath. The story began in 1935 when Matthew Kerr Snr purchased some 7¼in gauge railway equipment, which he installed in West Links Park on a site adjacent to the LNER main line. In 1938 the line was rebuilt to 10¼in gauge, in which form it is still in operation today.

Matthew Kerr's archives covering his own railway and other miniature railways around the country (which Kerr Snr would visit during the winter months) are a totally fascinating historical collection. It was great to see this book which has at last enabled the story of KMR to be told in full.



THE SURREY BORDER & CAMBERLEY RAILWAY by Peter Mitchell, Simon Townsend.
Published by Plateway Press. ISBN 0871980151. 112pp, 175 x 236mm.

History of this ambitious 10¼in gauge railway in Surrey, which in its final form lasted only 18 months before closure in 1939. Its founders were a talented engineer, HCS Bullock, and A D Kinloch, the son of a wealthy banker. Includes chapters on the origins of 10¼in gauge, and complicated histories of all the different locomotives, most of which are still around.



POOLE PARK RAILWAY, the first fifty years 1949 - 1999, by Keith Guy.
Published by Friends of Poole Park Railway, price £6.95 including postage. ISBN 0953751309, 72pp, A5 format.

A well produced history of this 10¼in gauge railway.

Some nice tales about the origins of this line and its operation in steam days. Good illustrations and quite well written. The author doesn't come across as a 'train enthusiast' and in places the text is strong on the politics of local government and a bit weak on technical details.

Even so this book is a fitting tribute to a lovely little railway.



THE LITTLEHAMPTON MINIATURE RAILWAY 1948-1998 by Wilfred F Simms. Published by the author, price £5.35. ISBN 0952888165, 30pp, A5 format.

A competent history of this long established seaside 12¼in gauge railway.

The layout of this title is a bit basic, but the text is well written and thoroughly researched.

We could do with more titles like this one that take a particular subject and cover it well.




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