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Published by the author. ISBN: 978 1 902368 20 7. Published: November 2005

A detailed history of the two 10¼" gauge railways operated by Harold Judd, which ran on the Thames Side Promenade in Reading, during the war and during the early 1950's.




BETWEEN THE FIRES by Mike Wadey. Published by the author. ISBN 0780953204106. 64pp, 150 x 210mm.

This an absorbing story of how the Wadey family went about constructing their commercial 7¼in gauge railway at Eastbourne, whilst neither Mike nor Rachel gave up their day jobs! Well written and presented (with colour photographs throughout) it's a classic tale of triumph over adversity. Although more about building and civil engineering than railways it's none the worse for that, and should be made compulsory reading for anyone thinking that a miniature railway would make an easy way to make money out of their hobby.



DON'T STAND UP IN THE TUNNEL! by James I C Boyd. Published by Rail Romances, P.O.Box 85, Chester CH4 9BZ. 112pp, 265 x 235 mm, 118 photographs, hardbound. ISBN 1-900622-04-1.

This is unusual book, devoted to the history of the Downs Light Railway, and its young engineers, since 1925. It is a colourful story, told in a somewhat idiosyncratic manner by James Boyd, who first encountered the railway as a pupil at the Downs School, and has latterly been at the centre of the railway’s renaissance under the aegis of the Downs Light Railway Trust. 

Throughout this time the railway has never been open to the public, being located in the private grounds of the school. The book deliberately chronicles the low points and frustrations, as well as the many achievements. It takes a strong-willed author to be so frank, especially about recent history, but the book is better for it, and would make a good lesson for anyone thinking that little trains are 100% ‘fun’ all of the time.



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