Portable Miniature Railways

Below is a list of Portable Miniature Railways available for hire in the UK, with links to their websites for further details. If you would like your portable miniature railway to be added to this list, please contact us.

Forest Railroad - Portable 7 ¼" gauge railway with steam and diesel locomotives available. Based in Cornwall

Jon & Kate Littlechild - Portable 10 ¼" gauge steam railway with V2, 2 coaches and 300 feet of track. Based in Cambridgeshire

Bridghouse and Halifax Model Engineers - 7 ¼" gauge portable track. Based in West Yorkshire.

South Devon Miniature Railway - 7 ¼" gauge portable track. Based in Devon

Rotherham Model Engineers - 7 ¼" gauge portable track, 160 foot long. Based in South Yorkshire.

Fenland Light Railway - 7 ¼" gauge portable railway. Based in Cambridgeshire

West Wiltshire Society of Model Engineers
- Elevated 3.5 and 5" gauge portable railway. The track is used for fetes within around 25 miles from Westbury Wiltshire and may be hired for Weddings & Fetes.

Recreation Railways - 7 ¼" gauge portable railway with two steam locomotives. Based in Somerset

York Society of Model Engineers - 7 ¼" gauge portable railway, operating within the York area

A.J.Rail Miniature Railway - 5" gauge portable miniature railway, 42 metres of track with a Class 37 locomotive. Based in York

Gower Welsh Railway  - 7 ¼" portable railway with up to 250 feet of track. Based in Swansea, covering all of Wales

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